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Achieving your goals in life is challenging. Whether you wish to succeed in your work and personal life, or whether you are competing for an Olympic medal, optimization is key.

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An Advanced Personalized Altitude Training Approach

Biological optimization made easy and accessible

Optimization may be the difference between winning and losing. SANA is specialized in a new and groundbreaking way of optimizing your biology through individually tailored altitude training. While you rest with an oxygen mask, SANA ensures that you are taken on a journey from sea-level and up to thousands of meters of altitude in successive short intervals.

Join our community of Olympic medalists, world class cyclists, professional football players, business owners, lawyers, academics, and everyday-heroes working towards the best version of themselves in a world that requires 100% on the daily.

Join SANA to level up your life for the sake of your own health, for your family, friends, career, and hobbies.

Choose between Life Performance or Athletic Performance:

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With a program at SANA Performance you will get personal sparring and help to achieve your goals and lots more!

Effects of SANA Performance

How does SANA Hypoxic Performance Therapy work?

The physiological mechanisms of which SANA Hypoxic Therapy exert actions within the body are numerous.

There are however two main modes of action:

1: Mitochondrial function improvement

2: Hypoxia-inducible factor stabilization in the cytosol (the fluid inside the cell).

Our clients stories

“I feel improved energy both on and off the field. It was also like it cleared my head and I got mentally recharged.”

Mathias Kvistgaarden
Professional football player, Brøndby IF, Danish U21 National Team

“Initially I worked with SANA for fast recovery after a severe injury. Now it’s all about improving my physical strength. The best thing is that I can just lay down and relax and let the SANA experts do their job.”

Mathias Norsgaard
Professional World Tour Cyclist, Movistar Team, Danish National Time Trial Champion 2022

“I am very happy to be working with SANA. It significantly improves my recovery and I’m able to tolerate much more training in the lactate-zone.”

Rene Holten Poulsen
Olympic kayaking medalist, 3 x World champion and 6 x European Champion

“With SANA I have experienced more energy and my physical performance have increase significantly. SANA is without any doubt the most effective physical improvement I have ever experienced.”

Mikkel Rossa
Lawyer, Partner, Bech-Bruun

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